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A better way to network

Unlike other networking organizations, our approach is different.  If you've ever joined a Chamber of Commerce or other huge networking group, you know that it can be frustrating.  Sometimes the groups are extremely strict or inconvenient, or they're a huge "crowd" type format where you spend valuable time mingling while surrounded by competition in your own industry.


We allow ONE representative per industry, which means that YOU are the resident expert of your field. We give members time to share your and explain your unique business and at each meeting, we allow one member solo time to describe your business or to share your business to help the members get to know you--and your business--better.  


Membership meetings are held each Tuesday at the beautiful Carrollwood Country Club, featuring a healthy freshly-prepared lunch.  

Interested?  Let's have lunch and see us first-hand.  First, take a moment to browse our MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY.  If you don't see an existing member in your industry, then you could be eligible to join.  Then complete the contact form below. 

If you're tired of the same networking experiences, we invite you to give us a try.  





Chris Heinisch

Membership Director

(727) 421-9342



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